The Big Top

The Big Top – our weekly collaborative circus is a tiny show under a big tent. The program discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future — especially as ‘information becomes more abundant.” It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This program is produced by TENTPOLE, a Los Angeles-based project focused on the art and science of convening people.


CONVENE:  Join us on The Big Top: Get together with members of our dynamic network to discuss the current TENTPOLE challenge topic.  Or, make it an informal gathering, join an existing  Slack Channel or request to launch a new channel for your objective.

LEARN: There’s tons of knowledge to gain from our community’s diverse perspectives and from our Sprint process. Dive into topics like business models, technology stacks, community building and the seven other value drivers on the TENTPOLE Opportunity Dashboard.

SHARE: Share stories, interviews, tools, or articles that shed light on the topic.

COLLABORATE: Whether you’re looking for collaborators for a project, want to mentor an idea or simply want to connect with an interesting community member or organization, leave a comment and start a conversation.

CREATE: Go for quantity, go wild and defer judgment when adding ideas to a challenge – ideas can be new or ones you’ve been working on for a while. You can also lend your experience and join a team working on an existing idea or venture.

EXPERIMENT: Get your idea in front of real customers. Ask about our customer development interviews. Learning from potential end users is the one thing that makes ideas evolve into real ventures.

Get feedback, incorporate it and keep on learning and experimenting as you continue to implement your idea.

Episodes are live every Wednesday at 3p PST / 6p EST or are available on demand; visit for more details.