The Value of Community

Your business is a community

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 4, 2017:  We believe great strategy is critical to the success of every organization. That notwithstanding, why then do most managers find strategy to be complicated or hard? It doesn’t have to be so. Strategy can and should be simple, fun and effective. But that requires a clear definition of what strategy is and a simple process for making strategy choices.

Armed with a definition of strategy as choice, the TENTPOLE Opportunity Canvas and our Strategic Choice Structuring Sprint process, any manager in any organization can build powerful strategies.

That is the precise reason why the value of building community as a strategy is simple when you recognize that your live event business is a community.  

Edward Freeman, a thought leader on the subject of Stakeholder Management states that “Any group or individual that can affect your company’s purpose, whether it’s the founders, the executive team, the employees, partners, customers, attendees or the people with the money, are all members of your community.”  This is how the value creation process works.

Community is one of the ten tactics that TENTPOLE believes and supports is a  better way to organize growth and innovation ideas.  It was the topic of our conversation on The Big Top this week and here is a summary:

Those who still look at a community in the traditional sense will miss out on a massive opportunity.  This podcast from the SISO CEO Conference, hosted by David Adler, CEO of BizBash and guests: Alec Hartman, Greg Topalian and our good friend, Marco Giberti speaks to the value of community.

We believe a community isn’t just about forums and support, it’s about growth and innovation. We see that of the world’s top 50 startups, over 60% either employs a community team and/or community and collaboration is CORE to their business model. And that 43% of employed Americans are spending some time working remotely, meaning their interactions are happening not in a traditional office, but digitally on some platform.

This is just the first of a ten part series around the TENTPOLE Opportunity Dashboard and the strategies required for value creation in today’s fast moving environment.  When you focus on the idea of building community as a business is simple when you recognize that your business is a community!

Do you have any other thoughts on the subject of a community first strategy? Let us know is the comments.

TENTPOLE is an open, diverse community of live event industry professionals who share a core set of values and the common objective of driving transformation across the live event industry. A new three-ring circus is coming to town. Our journey is underway.

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